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The History of Villa and the Graziani Family

From 1800`s old farm to farm holiday with rooms and apartments.

The Villa

Villa Graziani Farmhouse | Vada, Livorno, Tuscany Villa Graziani represents the heart of the old Fattoria il Pino. Built in the period of the "Maremma reclamation" of Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorrain, the villa was built in 1841 by commission of Conte Commendatore Gaetano Fabbri under the direction of the Leghorn architect Felice Francolini.
Later the buildings that make up for the Farm, the Torrino and the Cafe Hause were added. All of these buildings are enclosed within the Villa's park.

A curiosity: in the vicinity of the Enoteca Graziani Restaurant you can see an old wall, which in the last century housed the "glossy ibis", a breeding ground for leeches. A key element of the pharmacopoeia of the time, hence the precious parasite furrowed the seas and was exported throughout all of Europe.

In the 1920s the heirs of the Fabbri family, the Ginori-Conti, decided to sell the Tenuta del Pino to invest in the Larderello electric company, owned by the wife, the Princess De Larderel.
The counts Magherini Graziani purchased the entire farm, and the family is still the owner today.

There are many tales of stories and events that are said to have taken place inside the Villa. The pages written by the historian Roberto Ridolfi describe these events in a beautiful way. He was the grandson of the Ginori-Conti, and describes his summer vacation on the estate of his grandparents in the book The Front Part in the chapter "The grandparents from Vada".

During the Second World War, the Villa was requisitioned by the command of the allied troops which used it as base for the Royal Air Force, The Air Force of the United Kingdom. It is said that during the visit to Castiglioncello, Winston Churchill also stopped to visit the command stationed in Vada.
There are still written accounts regarding the dislocation of the command that can be seen in the Villa.

But the "historic" hospitality continues. Numerous celebrities have not only stayed within these walls, it has also been caught on the big screen. In the film "Our marriage is in crisis" by Antonio Albanese, they shot some of the Villas interiors.

Historical Gallery of Villa Graziani

Historical Gallery of Vada

The Graziani Family

Ancestors Graziani Family The Graziani di San Sepolcro family, descendant from the Graziani di Perugia, moved to dwell in the Borgo San Sepolcro already in 937. There are many famous people who have ennobled this family.
Bono, Son of Graziano, fought bravely under Charles of Anjou, against the king Manfredi, in the famous Battle of Benevento, and then he was sent by the same king to Tuscany to bring home the Guelph exiles from Florence. In Arezzo, after being loyal to King Charles, he was appointed Captain and thereafter Mayor in 1285.

Carlo, Son of Bono, was sent by the Angevins in Lombardy as the leader of 600 cavalrymen, and later, as General in the service of Perugini, he freed San Sepolcro and his father Uguccione Faggiola (1314-1316) from the Neri tyrants.

Luigi, son of Giulio, served for many years the Cardinal Commendone with great skill. He went with the Cardinal to France and Poland and he was a tireless traveller that travelled throughout Italy, Spain, Portugal and Africa. With the Bishop of Cyprus, he went to Jerusalem and Constantinople.
Then he went on his travels to Hungary, Germany and France.

Anton Maria, the brother of Luigi, was appointed by the Cardinal Commendone as a magistrate at the courts of the Emperors Ferdinand I of Germany and Maximilian of Poland. The Graziani managed in such a great way to promote the election of the King of Poland, Henry of Valois, that later became the King of France. By the death of Commendone in 1584, Anton Maria became secretary of Pope Sixtus V, for whom he carried out a great deal of services. In 1592 he was appointed bishop of Amelia by the new Pope Clement VIII, with whom he had carried out intense diplomatic activity and was appointed to form an "universal alliance against the Turkish". In 1596 Anton Maria was appointed to lead the apostolic nunciature to Venice, where, among other things, he oversaw the dispute with the Venetian booksellers for the introduction of the index Clementino.

Coat-of-Arms Graziani Family Standard (The coat of arms used by the Graziani Family):
quartered in the first and fourth of the black St. Andrew's cross in silver; in the second and third five lozenges of blue and silver placed in band, accompanied by a red rose left in the canton: the head of Anjou, and the blue band with cornflowers sown across the whole.

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