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The Museum and Conference Hall

Villa Graziani offers a "Farm Museum" and a Conference Room.

On the ground floor of the Villa, on premises known as "rustic" - due to their use at the farm and warehouses with architectural characteristics - there is a small museum of civilization. The display consists of all those objects that were stored or forgotten in the different areas of the farm, and are now grouped into thematic paths within one single environment.

This exhibition focuses on the history of the rural word as a whole, life in the fields, in the farm house and in the farm.

Many of the objects on display were donated to the museum in remembrance of people who do not use them anymore because they are now too elderly or have switched to other jobs.
The museum was designed and set up exactly to remember that those artefacts, rendered obsolete by time, a recent history of a world that now seems far away.

You can admire kitchen utensils, the tools used in the cellar, tools for field work, from everyday items and those more specific to the carpenter, blacksmith or farrier. In addition you can see various curiosities such as the "barcocchio", a laundry list of wood or tools used to scrape off the cheese!

Some objects in the museum adorn the walls of the great conference room, an architecturally impressive space with wide arches that can accommodate up to 90 visitors. The conference room is proposed as the elegant setting for receptions, banquets, dinners and many other special events.
It is equipped with a kitchen and a sound system; it has all the essentials for a successful banquet. From the conference room an access leads directly to the park, an additional space to be enjoyed in good weather, particularly suitable for important occasions such as weddings.
Our staff, in a location with these characteristics, has all the credentials to organize an impeccable service.

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