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Farm Holidays Villa Graziani

Rooms and Apartments for Rent in the Heart of Tuscany.

Farm Holidays House Villa Graziani - Main entrance to the Villa | Vada, Leghorn, Tuscany Once upon a time the old Fattoria il Pino, with its acres of fervent food production, surrounded by buildings dotted with neoclassical lines, was a mansion for noble families.

Here, where a boundless green embraces the sea, history has decided to leave it`s mark.
Here, where every corner is a gift of pure beauty, the heirs of the former owners have taken care of a particular restoration work aimed at the total recovery of the vintage furniture and accessories, integrated with all the comforts of warm hospitality.

The result, for the guest staying with us, is the feeling of sleeping under the canopy of the Ginori Counts, accessing to one's room through the tea hall where there are tapestries and frescos of the Graziani family and still see sign of the old techniques of farming, cooking and sewing.

The Villa Graziani Farmhouse, lying in green surroundings, inside the old "Fattoria il Pino", appears like an oasis to the visitor, where the past reveals its dominance, chasing memories, memoirs and stories told by every single wall, along with the warm hospitality of the owners.

The Farmhouse consists of a large main structure (The Villa), that houses 12 rooms, and 2 other smaller buildings (Outbuildings), lying within the large wooden park where there are other 6 apartments, each one with a history to tell.

Enoteca Graziani Restaurant - Vada, Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno, Tuscany The Farmhouse has an agreement with the Enoteca Graziani Restaurant, placed in the suggestive atmosphere of the Villas old stables, just in front of it. Here one can taste the famous dishes of the Tuscan culinary tradition - food from both sea and land - organic food that has been transported "zero km" (extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits and jams), produced by the same "Fattoria Il Pino".
The large wine list, including the great Tuscan red wines of Bolgheri, pays homage to the best approach of each course, with the staff ready to advise you about every dish.

Villa Graziani Farmhouse is located in Tuscany, more precisely in Vada, a small seaside village in the municipality of Rosignano Maritimo, about 1 km away from the sea and the beaches of the Etruscan Coast.

Discover, through our touristic tips, what one can visit in the surrounding area (from the most famous beaches in the area to medieval villages and the famous city of art) and take advantage of our special offers for a stay in Tuscany you will not forget.

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Villa Graziani Farmhouse
Rooms and Apartments for Rent in Vada

Via per Rosignano, 14 - 57016 Vada
City of Rosignano Marittimo
Leghorn - Tuscany
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Enoteca Graziani Restaurant

Enoteca Graziani Restaurant - Vada, Livorno